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Move closer to your investment goals with the personalized assistance of Caliber Funds. Caliber Funds is the private equity arm of Caliber The Wealth Development Company ( Caliber ), an Arizona-based corporation that services the capital of individual investors and disburses them into private real estate assets across the Southwest. Caliber offers a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate properties, real estate-related equity investments and other real estate-related assets, each of which Caliber Funds believes are compelling from a risk-return perspective.

Our investors are at the heart of our business and we aim to serve each segment with exceptional care and service with the help of our dedicated Investor Care team. Caliber serves:

  • Independent Registered Investment Advisors
  • Wealth Managers
  • Family Offices
  • Real Estate Investors And Professionals
  • Individual Accredited Investors

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Investments in Caliber private placements can lose value, are illiquid and are speculative.

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About Caliber
The Wealth Development Company

Caliber provides high net-worth individuals and investment advisers access to sophisticated, private real estate investments previously reserved for institutions. Founded in 2009 by Chris Loeffler and Jennifer Schrader, Caliber has a mission to build wealth for and with its investors while transforming the assets and communities they touch.

Caliber achieves this mission by providing well-structured residential, commercial, and hospitality real estate investments, utilizing, to the extent beneficial to the investment project as a whole, a vertically integrated business model that includes acquisitions, development, construction, asset management and disposition.

As a regional investor, Caliber primarily focuses on states within the Southwest and Mountain states, including Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Idaho.  The company believes this region offers investors the ability to capitalize on positive trends it perceives in job growth, population growth, and business mobility.

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Caliber Companies Full-Service Cycle

  • Caliber Funds

    Investors gain access to real estate investments via our sales team.

  • Acquisitions

    In-house acquisitions team buying the right real-estate.

    Asset Management

    Ensures every element of a project occurs according to plan and adjusts as needed.

    Sale, Refinance,

    Evaluates projects, plans, and forecasted budgets to determine the optimum time to harvest gains and take advantage of new market opportunities.

  • Development

    Experienced development team creates the right plan for each project.


    In-house Construction Management reduces mistakes, down time & change orders.

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