The Caliber Diversified Opportunity Fund II LP

The Caliber Diversified Opportunity Fund II LP leverages the experience gained from our previous multi-asset fund offered to our limited partners. We’re targeting what we believe will be value-priced assets while utilizing our full-service cycle in hopes to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns. 

The Fund seeks to own Real Estate in multiple markets, with a flexible investment mandate, allowing Caliber to find opportunities from various real estate investment asset classes.

Caliber has capped the Fund at a one hundred million dollar offering for B & C Units, allowing management to remain focused on hand-selected projects.







Potential Investor Benefits


The fund will target assets in multiple markets, pursue various investment strategies, and utilize the techniques that are typically reserved for institutional investors.

Off-Market Deals

We believe the best commercial investors live and breathe real estate. Caliber may provide access to properties prior to them being listed.

Growth Potential
With a strategy designed to purchase assets at a discount, Caliber may build additional value through development, construction, and active management.

Selected Fund Asset Highlights

AS OF MAY 27, 2020

The Ridge Johnstown*

The Ridge is a 265-acre master-planned, mixed-use development with immediate access to I-25 via the developing Highway 402 interchange. *Conceptual Rendering


Eclipse (Circle Lofts)

The 20 unit, new build Eclipse Townhomes are the "vision of the future", with regards to design, sustainability, and affordability. This property is Energy Efficient Certified. 



Hilton Tucson East

232 room hotel benefiting from its premier location along one of the most traveled throughways in Tucson, Arizona.


VIP Self-Storage

The 349-unit self-storage facility is located within the city of Casa Grande, Arizona - a major transportation hub situated equidistantly between Phoenix and Tucson on the I-10 corridor.


Subject to change.

Investor Considerations

Below are selected risk factors associated with an investment in Caliber Diversified Opportunity Fund II, LP.

  • Investments in Caliber private placements can lose entire value, are illiquid and are speculative.
  • Investment involves high degree of risk; limited liquidity; no public market; suitable only for sophisticated investors;
  • Investment strategy is speculative; returns are not guaranteed and no assurance objectives will be achieved;
  • May pay distributions and fund redemptions from borrowings, Offering proceeds, or asset sales with no limits on amounts it may pay from such sources;
  • May invest in securities that involve a higher degree of risk or have valuations that fluctuate dramatically;
  • Access to debt financing may be limited and subject to rate increases, restrictive covenants, or untimely repayment obligations;
  • Involves unique risks associated with real estate investment, including competition for tenants, interest rate risk, occupancy issues, insurance risks, inflation risk, among others.;
  • Offering is not contingent on a minimum capital raise; Fund may not raise amount of capital that would allow diversified holdings or achievement of investment objectives;
  • Multiple conflicts of interest, including compensation arrangements, incentive fee structures, positions held with affiliated entities, co-ownership arrangements, and the purchase of and allocation of investment opportunities;
  • COVID-19 could have a material impact on the Fund’s investments and operations.

For a more complete discussion of risk factors, view the Caliber Diversified Opportunity Fund II, LP PPM.

Invest in a diversified mix of assets with long-term growth prospects.

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