Caliber's Financial Professional Funds

For Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and other financial professionals seeking to provide their clients with added investment diversification using Private Equity Real Estate (PERE).

7 Reasons why you should partner with Caliber

  1. Founded in 2009, Caliber is a vertically integrated organization, providing high net-worth individuals and Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs), access to sophisticated, private real estate investments that have been traditionally reserved for institutions.
  2. Our funds offer the ability for you to further diversify your portfolio by providing clients with more options and easier access to private investment offerings.
  3. Each of our funds is specifically tailored to fit different investment objectives, thus allowing you to match it with the specific needs of each client.
  4. Historically, investments in private real estate projects have the potential to bring in stronger returns than investing in the stock market.
  5. Our Opportunity Zone fund offers your clients the following potential benefits:
    1. Defer tax liability on realized capital gains
    2. Eliminate capital gains on growth of investment if held for 10 years
    3. Participation in a diversified portfolio of real estate assets
    4. Help improve economic conditions in underprivileged areas
  6. Our Diversified Opportunity fund offers your clients the following potential benefits:
    1. Fund diversification in real estate markets, types, locations, investment strategies and techniques
    2. We seek to purchase properties at discount, then build additional value through development, construction, and active management
  7. Our Fixed Income Fund offers your clients the following potential benefits:
    1. Fixed rate distributions on invested capital
    2. Investment in mezzanine debt which is generally a higher yielding alternative to bonds
    3. Investors can request a redemption after a 12 month hold period
    4. Investors have the ability to add to their investment at any time
Calibers Tax Advantaged Opportunity Zone Fund Investment Opportunity

Caliber Tax Advantaged Opportunity Zone Fund, LP


Caliber is designed to acquire, redevelop, and manage a portfolio of diversified commercial properties located in federally designated Qualified Opportunity Zones. The Caliber Tax Advantaged Opportunity Zone Fund has acquired holdings in Arizona, and is targeting additional holdings in Colorado, Texas, Nevada, and Utah; Caliber believes these states have the potential to possess some of the top Qualified Opportunity Zones due to long-term population and job growth trends.

Calibers Diversified Opportunity Fund Investment Opportunity

Caliber Diversified Opportunity Fund II, LP


The Caliber Diversified Opportunity Fund II, LP leverages the experience gained from of our previous multi-asset fund offered to our limited partners. We’re targeting what we believe will be value-priced assets while utilizing our full-service cycle with the intent to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. The Fund will purchase a blend of income and value-add properties so that an investor can potentially receive distributions early in the Fund’s life cycle while other investments will have a growth-oriented focus.

Calibers Fixed Income Fund Investment Opportunity

Caliber Fixed Income Fund III, LP


This funds plans to lend privately on a variety of assets with the potential to create monthly income. The Caliber Fixed Income Fund III leverages the experience gained from of our previous two Fixed Income Funds to offer our limited partners the potential to achieve their desired income-related goals. Leveraging our experienced team, Caliber will source, originate, and service private loans with the potential for monthly distributions.